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I keep doing research on tech tools & emerging technology and have keen interest in getting involved with it for development.

Trying to decode life

Still hunting for the snippet of code needed to extract a single piece of object from Bermuda Triangle.

Love Open Science & Web

I'm a Free Software Enthusiast and love Open Science and I'm an active contributor to Mozilla since 2015.

About me

I grew up in the ritual city of North India, Gorakhpur today famous for having the Longest Railway Platform in the World. I started my journey to the world of Computer & Internet at the age of 13 on Windows XP. Currently, I'm a final year undergraduate of Computer Science & Engineering from Kanpur University. I'm a FOSS enthusiast, an active Mozillian & FSA, a passionate coder. I'm fond of traveling, foodie and inculcating new interests. When I'm away from keyboard, I use to travel, playing Plant V/S Zombies and spending time with my family and neighborhood .

Over the past four years, right from the beginning I was a Chemistry lover and most of the time I keep thinking of how the things evolve from their peer mates, but after spending several months like a constant companion for finding the process of achieving my goal. Then, I finally decided to move out of the science and opted Computer Science then started with Linux based OS, Ubuntu 12.04 and then joined Open Source Community Mozilla as a contributor and then recently with Fedora as a part of Localization which amused me to form my interest in particular. .


To achieve real change, we have to look beyond boundaries. Because the Wild West of what-could-be is unexplored but rife with opportunity.


I had interned at CapitalVia Global Research Limited, Indore as a Software developer in Summer - 2016 and built several scalable web applications using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL such as Visitor Management System, HCM and Courier Management System.

Now, Currently working as an intern at GeeksForGeeks as a programmer. Afterwards, I did an internship in Summer - 2015 at SuperProfs Inc., Bangalore worked as a Product developer, then I had spent a month over in IIM Ahmedabad as a Campaign Associate.

I had spent a few weeks in IISER-Kolkata as a Visiting Researcher worked under Dr. Sukant Khurana where my task was to find a quantifiable method for Forecasting Financial data using Time Series. Before that I had been chosen as a Research Scholar in Internet First, Mumbai. where I was responsible for Internet Ecosystem as a Analyst and researcher and reviewed, articulated articles on Role of Internet Penetration. I had spent a month over in Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Mumbai as an intern where my assigned position was as a Research Analyst and I worked under Consumer Pyramids Section where my task was to analyze and normalize the Consumer Pyramids data using Time Series.


In Academics, I have designed a Java Applet game named BOXONBOT which can run on any distribution given that JDK is installed on JVM with 50 levels as a part of Java Programming lab in Spring - 2016 guided by Beena Awasthi

In Autumn 2015, I developed a Student Database Management System which track records of several activity such as Student Registration, Fee Submission, Course registration and attendance records etc. using Bootstrap, JavaScript using XAMP Server as a part of DBMS Lab under Er. Deepak Verma

Apart from academics, I have contributed to several open source projects of Mozilla, some of them are DynaML , a Scala Library/REPL, working as a collaborator I have implemented Kalman Filter and Monte Carlo Markov Chain and released the next version 1.4-beta.31 of DynaML, afterwards I fixed some bugs in Everware acting as a contributor and currently we're in the development phase for next release of Everware. Apart from these research project, I'm also contributing to some ongoing Open Source Web projects i.e. STEMMRoleModels where I'm acting as a Front-end developer and responsible for technical review.


To develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with consumers, we believe design must invite them to take part in the conversation.


Mandar Chandorkar

PhD scholar at the Multi Scale Dynamics group at CWI Amsterdam. M.S. in A.I. at KU Leuven. Interests include Machine Learning, Mathematics and Programming..

Aurelia Moser

Software Engineer at Mozilla Foundation and passionate about Web-mapping/scripting, project coordination, metadata management, digital art and archives development, data science: cleaning, parsing, mining and visualization.

Dr. Kirstie Jane Whitaker

Open Scientist, Mozilla Science Fellow, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Cambridge.

Miguel Perez Colino

Design Product Manager at Integrated Solutions Business Unit, RedHat

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From the purely practical to the richly philosophical, design is the solution to a host of challenges.


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There’s more to design than meets the eye. It’s when it meets the heart that design creates a meaningful, lasting connection with the audience.

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Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Published Aug 15.

CSE Undergrad | Free Software Enthusiast

I am currently a final year undergraduate of Computer Science & Engineering and an open source enthusiast .

In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints..

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Sylvia Sanchez

Published Aug 15.

A Beautiful Story

Armed with insight, we embark on designing the right brand experience that engages the audience. It encompasses both the strategic direction and creative execution that solves a business problem and brings the brand to life.

In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints. This is when we watch the audience fall in love all over again with our client’s brand.

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UIET, CSJMU, G.T. Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur - 208024
+91 8081187743
+91 8081187743


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