Amit Kumar Jaiswal

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I am a 1st year PhD student in IRAC at the University of Bedfordshire, advised by Dr. Haiming Liu and co-advised by Dr. Ingo Frommholz. My research interest is in Quantum Information Retrieval. I study the quantum theory evolving behind information retrieval with focus on user-oriented IR based on Information Foraging Theory. My research spans a wide range of topics in this area, including existing Quantum-IR frameworks, mathematical formalism behind Quantum Theory; Quantum Probability, and their applications in the study of information retrieval (IR), interactive IR in general.

Besides IR, I am also interested in machine learning, deep learning, AI, and their applications in natural language processing, IR, and CV. Some of the codes for my projects are available on GitHub.

Before coming to University of Bedfordshire, I got my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from University Institute of Engineering & Technology, CSJM University, Kanpur, India in 2017. I was previously interned with Kubernetes and OpenShift team under the Google Summer of Code program in the summer of 2017, followed by another 3 months internship with OpenStack & IBM team under the Linux Foundation.

What's new?

  • I will serve as Web Chair of CHILites (SIGCHI) 2019
  • December 2018: Presented my first year PhD progress in QUARTZ MTRM at University of Padova, Italy.
  • November 2018: I have been selected for fee waiver, attending Search Solutions 2018 Blogpost.
  • November 2018: I have presented my research progress at Signal Media Research. Link to my talk.
  • October 2018: I have been selected for full grant to attend H2O AI Conference happening in London!
  • October 2018: I have been selected to attend Google London Meetup.
  • September 2018: I gave a talk at Bradenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany in QUARTZ Autumn School.
  • September 2018: I gave a talk in FDIA Workshop at ICTIR 2018 on my recent paper titled "Investigating Interactive Information Retrieval via Information Foraging Theory".
  • August 2018: I gave a talk at University of Mannheim, Germany on our recent paper.
  • June 2018: I gave a talk at the Putteridge Burry at University of Bedfordshire on my progress toward Ph.D. project.
  • April 2018: I started my Ph.D. at University of Bedfordshire! I am working on QUARTZ project applying quantum theory to interactive search and retrieval based on information foraging theory.

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